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Keyprints -Demo

This is a demo of my project named Keyprints.

Visualise your own keystroke pattern
Start by typing a sentence or two (anything will do) into the box below.

(click here to hide all text to see all parts of the demo at once)

Measuring a typing pattern: While you are typing into the box above, your keystrokes are captured (not saved) together with a nano second timestamp. This data is put into a data set storing the average times between any combination of two keys you are typing (max interval measured is 1 second). The graphic below visualises this data set as you type. You can find the raw version in your browser's developers console.

The graphic above visualises the whole data set at once, showing the whole keyprint. Below, the distance between each pair of letters is rendered in relation to the average interval it takes/took you to type them.